Puerto Vallarta Map for Cruise Passengers

New for the 2016-2017 Season.

The latest title in the Portable Foldable Maps series combines the Centro and Hotel Zone portions of the city to show cruise-ship passegers how to enjoy Puerto Vallarta on their own for a day.

Side A: The port, hotel zone, and regional inset map. The port area itself is labeled with gate and pier numbers and the locations of bus and taxi stops. The clean public beach that begins a few hundred yards from the dock is illustrated to look almost as irresistible as it is in real life. Major retail outlets are noted all the way along the boulevard into town (Radio Shack for that lost iPad chord, for example). And the regional map gives passengers a wider understanding of the region and the locations of the day-trip attractions the cruise lines offer.

Side B: The city center with places of interest, a half-dozen great places to eat, clear instructions on getting back to ship, and three recommended outings: A hike to the cross on the hill above Centro; a bus trip to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens; and a shorter bus trip to beaches south that have fewer people and no vendors.

Order the Puerto Vallarta Cruise Day-Trip Map here.


Maps at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

The Riviera Nayarit Roadmap and others are currently available at the Mercado Huanacaxtle in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit. Look for Bill and Victoria's table, which also sells dried mango, spices, and field guides to the flora and fauna of Mexico.


Old Prints Now Available on Etsy

It's been 10 years since the first map of Yelapa. To celebrate, Mapa Jeff has made a small number of pristine leftover prints from yesteryear available on his Etsy store.

YELAPA 2005:
Signed edition of 200 prints. Printed in Mexico. Three left.

YELAPA 2010: 
Thick, sturdy prints from the last black-and-white edition. Printed in Berkeley. Ten left.

 YELAPA 2011:
The first edition in color. Printed in the US. Three left.

YELAPA 2014: 
Mapa Jeff's personal favorite, with deep aqua seas and a green border. Printed in Mexico. Two left.

YELAPA 2015:
The last of the one-sided color poster prints, laminated and waterproof. Printed in the US. 20 left.

A memento of a fast-changing city, with the old Los Muertos pier.
Laminated. Two left.

Mapa Jeff also has a few prints left from the truly horrible 2006 printing, with the smudges and whiteouts, which nonetheless sold because of course, there is no other Yelapa map... price is flexible. Very flexible. Enquire how to get one at mapajeff@hotmail.com.



Don't go to Puerto Vallarta without them.

Take the best maps available - now at a discount for any three titles (or three copies of one title).


Vallarta's Waterfall at Agua Azul

There are many, many smaller waterfalls about Vallarta - a couple of them visible on the way up to this one. But this is the biggest and the most waterfall-ish... pouring down from somewhere high up. At this tine of year it can be seen in full roar from the Libramiento on the way into the Tunel.


The New Flagship Map

Compact folding maps are here.

The new generation of Mapa Jeff maps is designed for easy shipping, portability, and lower cost - while retaining their unique, thorough, panoramic perspective on the land.

The new Puerto Vallarta Centro & South Coast Walking Map features the Old City on one side, and the coastal neighborhoods from Amapas and Conchas Chinas all the way to Playa Los Arcos on the other.

Condos, villas, hotels, public beaches and public parking, landmarks, restrooms, and many other details are included. But as ever, there is no advertising, no sponsor, and no agenda:
Just the facts on the ground, researched and illustrated by one artist.

Folded size: 5 x 7 inches.

Side A: The Old City, extending north to the Sports Stadium and east (for the first time) to Paso Ancho.
Unfolded size: 14 x 20 inches.

Side B: Amapas, Conchas Chinas, and the beaches south to Los Arcos National Park.

The Centro, Plaza, Church of Guadalupe, and Isla Cuale:

North of the Centro: Cinco de Diciembre, Calle Lirios set in its folded hills, and the beachfront parks.

Northwest of Centro: Libramiento, Cemetery, the city's only waterfall with clear walking directions.

The neighborhoods hugging the riverbanks to the east of the Old Town.

Paso Ancho, a quaint hillside enclave on the river just past Colonia Buenos Aires.

Conchas Chinas' twists and turns are clearly illustrated amidst the lower slopes of La Torrecilla.

El Nogalito, a tiny riverside village tucked away in a coastal valley:

Garza Blanca, with its resorts and beaches: