Yelapa Walking Map 2018

He's a bit testy about it because it might keep you from meeting him somewhere out on the trail one night for a bite!
Available at Café Bahía on the town pier, and by mail order in the US and Canada. (TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.)
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SIDE A: The little cove with many worlds within it... all laid out for easy navigation and quick visual understanding. This year's theme is BLUE. Like the water, get it? Yelapa is rumored to have water here and there...

SIDE B: Pueblo closeup with more guesthouses; updated tourist tips; and upper-waterfall directions. As for the upper-upper waterfall, and the many upper-upper-uppers, you'll have to rent a horse and provide me the intel for a future map of Greater Yelapa.

The Pueblo. There is now a gym, believe it or not. I got my exercise trying to wrestle bamboo wind shelters into place on the back of my terrace. More exercise when the April rogue winds ripped them off and sent them soaring up the canyon.

El Paso, also known as "Upriver" – though the river goes up, well, pretty much for days. More and more guests are taking guest houses in the beautiful hills and trails of this area. Don't miss out on El Manguito's chicken soup!

The beach with its row of restaurants, plus other goodies. Day trippers should alight at the pueblo, get this map, then make their way to the beach for an afternoon boat to lift them off when they're done. Or totter over to the pier, if you're too tipsy to haul your hips onto a panga in the surf.

The Point, where a bit of a hike gets you to the quietest, oceany-est part of town. Rumor has it that a very tony resort hugs the slopes with little umbrellas and infinity pools...

The Pueblo in mini, with major landmarks, like the Yacht Club, which really doesn't host yachts - it's one of many insider jokes around here. You'll catch on. You'll even know where to find Shit Creek, up which Jeff himself once lived.

Tips for the wise. New one this year: Bring a travel surge protector if you want your fancy phone to come home without PTSD. Mapa Jeff has lived this. Recently. Electricity, how 20th century! The grid hates it here.

The Upper Waterfall is still where it was, gushing. No changes here - fortunately some things in the Vallarta area don't change. This map series focuses on those things and brings in seasonal details only sparingly.

Mapa Jeff maps have no commercial tie-ins, no paid advertising, and owe nobody anything but a pretty picture. They are the work of one devoted artist who guarantees there will be changes on the ground before this map even grows cold from the printer. It's your ass - watch your steps and travel prepared. Becuase if you rely on GPS to get around Yelapa, you're screwed.

But you can call me at +1 530-624-6351 when something goes wrong and I'll help you get back to civilization and provide maybe some therapy.


Nayarit/Vallarta Time Zone Boundary Explained

Nayarit's Bay of Banderas Municipality joined Central Standard Time a few years back because it was getting too confusing to stay out of sync with Puerto Vallarta's airport and port. But the zone changes before Guayabitos - between Lo de Marcos and Ursulo Galvan. Set clocks back one hour going north, and if headed for PVR, one forward, so you're sure you won't be late.



This is the final edition of the Sayulita map first published in 2010.
A newer version, foldable, with San Pancho on the back, is in the works.



Begin to undertand Vallarta from a deeper perspective.
Be not lost when the GPS receiver gets Mexicuted one summer.
Streets are laid in with topography to create a 3-D effect.

Discover the hidden tree-lined arroyos and their charming footbridges.
Shows very major busline teminus, usually name for its dusty hillside namesake neighborhood: Ramblases, Buganvilias, Jardines etc. 

Can be sold from any desktop CD rack
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